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An important aspect of our work is the SIMA® Process.  Since 1961 the SIMA® Process (the System to Identify Motivated Abilities®) has been informing leaders in the nonprofit, Church, and corporate worlds in understanding and maximizing the essence of an individual’s unique design.

The SIMA® Process is not a test or assessment that groups, categorizes or compares individuals to established norms, standards or types. Unique purpose and giftedness cannot be described in five words or a few simple grids.  SIMA® is a narrative-based discovery process that unpacks a person’s satisfying achievements from throughout their life in a one-on-one context.  SIMA® uncovers the specific patterns of unique design in the individual and describes their essential “operating system” in terms of ideal circumstances, gifts or motivated abilities, engaging subject matter, ideal roles and even overall purpose in work and life.  No other system, process or assessment describes the intrinsic purpose and innate giftedness of a person like SIMA®.

When incorporated in leadership search or leadership coaching, the SIMA® Process provides detailed insights on a person’s fit to a role, the proper on-boarding strategies or support they require, and the fundamental understanding needed to help them grow as a leader according to their design.