No other system or assessment describes the intrinsic purpose of a person like SIMA®

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An important aspect of our work incorporates the SIMA® Process.  Since 1961 the SIMA® Process (the System to Identify Motivated Abilities®) has been informing leaders in the nonprofit, Church, and corporate worlds in understanding and maximizing the essence of an individual’s unique design.

The SIMA® Process is not a test or assessment that groups, categorizes or compares individuals to established norms, standards or types. Unique purpose and giftedness cannot be captured in a list of words, scores or simple grids.  SIMA® is an in-depth discovery process that unpacks a person’s satisfying achievements from throughout their life through reflective writing, a tailored biographical interview and the development and application of their distinct profile. SIMA® uncovers specific patterns of design and describes a person’s essential “operating system” in terms of ideal circumstances, motivated abilities or gifts, ideal roles and overall purpose in leadership and life.

When incorporated in leadership search or in leadership coaching, the SIMA® Process provides detailed insights on a person’s fit to specific roles, the proper on-boarding strategies or support they require to thrive, and a fundamental understanding to help them grow as a leader according to their design.