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Leadership Coaching

Navigating complex questions related to purpose, calling, giftedness, leadership growth and transitions requires wise stewardship. Generalized principles or programs made for broader audiences do not address the critical questions and needs that matter most as life and work goes on. Christian leaders’ minds, bookshelves and digital files are often filled with such things, while insight, clarity, and next steps can still be elusive.

Our leadership coaching engagements are crafted around your objectives, needs and key questions. Whether your needs include leadership development, a 360-degree leadership assessment process, or navigating a personal transition from a current role to what God has next, we have the resources and experience to help you thrive. Most leadership coaching engagements incorporate the SIMA® Process to provide powerful and specific insights into your unique “operating system” of giftedness and motivation. Hundreds of Christian leaders have benefitted from our tailored approach, helping them more effectively steward and maximize what God has given them to do.


More than ever, clear and unified efforts are critical to the effectiveness of today’s Christian leadership teams. Our team coaching approach begins with gaining a robust understanding of the culture and makeup of your team, followed by creating a development strategy based on where you want to be. Through gathering strategic input from each team member, incorporating team member insights using the SIMA® Process, and through facilitated team sessions, we help your team more effectively live out its part in the Body of Christ.


Organizations can only be as good as their boards. Many Christian nonprofits have boards populated by mission-driven individuals who want to contribute, but find the cultures within which they serve to be less effective than they hoped.  Commitment and contribution waiver, and the organization misses opportunities that a passionate, engaged board provides.

Our work with boards is led by Mark Stevenson, who is an experienced board advisor, a Partner in the Alliance for Board Effectiveness and a member of the Advisory Council of the Christian Leadership Alliance for topics and strategies related to nonprofit governance.

Our approach combines the governance principles and best practices developed by internationally-known board expert Dr. Robert C. Andringa with a detailed board assessment and development process shaped to fit your board’s needs.  Our process includes board interviews, online assessment tools, “best-practices” resources, and interactive board sessions that address the opportunities and obstacles related to your board’s growth.