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Organizational Insight and Direction

The primary responsibility for boards and leaders of Christian organizations is clearly understanding current realities and charting a confident path forward. Complex problems and demanding pace oftentimes pull leaders away from having a clear view of how to address or reframe missional and organizational priorities to create maximum impact. Circular thinking, indecision and wasted resources impairs mission effectiveness and results.

We build in-depth strategic review processes that engage your staff and key constituents using proprietary survey, focus group and leadership interview methodologies. Whether your organization requires cultural or structural improvements or is considering a shift in focus or mission, we apply over 25 years of experience to your most pressing concerns, bringing the insight you need to develop and implement solutions that work.

Corporate Spiritual Discernment

One of the hallmarks of Christian organizations is the desire to be in alignment with God’s heart and will. But often our desire falls short of our practice, especially when agendas are long and time is short. Additionally, it can be challenging to know how to approach the process of identify God’s leading, particularly when team members come from a range of denominational experiences and spiritual practices.

Our coaching in corporate spiritual discernment is led by Lindsay Olesberg, whose skilled facilitation of group experiences is a significant distinctive in the process. We strengthen your team’s capacity to listen well to the Lord and one another as you make crucial decisions. We design customized plans to lay the foundation and develop the practices essential for corporate spiritual discernment. Common commitments and proven processes result in unity and confidence as a leadership team knows they are in step with the active work of God.